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Opacity, sharpness of lines, color consistency and immaculate quality are the unique features of Offset printing at eColor. Unlike Digital Printing, offset printing technology uses aluminum plates that are used to transfer the image on a rubber blanket. This image is indirectly rolled on the sheet of paper. Offset printing is the best choice when large number of copies are required for a print. While many other companies are not offering this form of printing, eColors understands and appreciates the need for this critical service for our Montreal based customers. Pressmen at eColor having 20-years of experience provide best of quality.

Perks of Choosing Offset Printing:

  • Consistent quality, accurate color reproduction with the crisp and professional look.
  • A cost-effective solution for printing a high number of copies.
  • Flexibility with wide variety of stocks and sizes
  • Compatible with pre-cut stock as small as 5” x 3”.
  • Harmonious and friendly with heavily-textured surface up to 130# cover weight material.
  • Custom for ink selection: Metallic or Pantone.
  • Pantone® inks could consistently produce high-quality imprints during high quality runs ensuring correctness in the brand colors.
  • Quality control checks through experienced pressmen and experts during adjustments in a print run, trimming, finishing and packing.
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