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Flexible digital printing services

Digital printing offered by eCOLOR uses modern printing tools like laser and ink-jet printers. In this process, the images are directly sent to the printers in the form of PSD or PDF files. Eliminating the need for printing plates, makes this form of printing to be time saving and cost-effective.

Rather than printing large, the requests and pre-determined runs can be made for as little as one print as well. With no need of plate, digital printing has become high in demand.

Perks of Choosing Digital Printing:

  • A cost-effective solution as compared to the offset printing.
  • A robust and reliable option during short lead times.
  • Excellent for short print runs i.e. 2000 copies or less.
  • Vibrant colors, sharp edges, strong and clear black lines.
  • Printing in a wide variety of stock sizes and weights for both the matte and glossy prints.
  • Impeccable quality delivered by seasoned technicians using the quality digital equipment.
  • Flexibility of using any paper size or weight.
  • Fully compatible with plain text or full-color brochures, postcards, direct mail, signage or event-marketing collateral.
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